Customer Service Representative

Hendersonville, NC

Enjoy making a difference? Are you fun, but also practical? 

Do you love meeting new people and helping them? 

We have the perfect career for you. And it’s one that probably was never on your radar. 

The Short Version

You read the intro, and you’re excited! You wanna get straight to the point. 

  • We’re located in Hendersonville, North Carolina 

  • You’ll respond to customer inquiries via telephone, e-mail, and/or chat 

  • You’ll educate customers on the values and benefits of Champion Comfort Experts, and you’ll answer any questions they may have, schedule appointments, etc. 

  • You’ll have all the usual insurances available (medical, dental, vision, etc.), as well as a 401(k) 

The Details

Wanna learn more about this opportunity? We’d love to tell you why this is a great fit for you!


You're good at what you do, and it's about time someone recognizes it! You will start at $14 an hour and have the opportunity to earn bonuses based on performances.

Not only that but at Champion Comfort Experts, you'll get generous paid time off, plus 6 paid holidays.

Champion Comfort Experts? The heating, air, and plumbing and electrical company? Yes, that's us! But no, this isn't a posting for plumbers and technicians. You'll be indoors, where you don't have to worry about crawlspaces or attics. 

Medical, Dental, Vision, Long & Short-Term Disability, Life, and Accident and Cancer Insurance with FSA/HSA, as well as a 401(k) retirement plan are all available to you. The least we can do is take care of you and your family!

All About YOU

When someone needs help, they feel comfortable talking to you, and you feel comfortable offering solutions. You know how to cheer people up and calm them down. You’ve never been one to get easily discouraged!

Despite your high energy levels, you know how to stay calm under pressure. When things get busy, instead of panicking, you feel energized! 

When it comes to multitasking, you’re a pro! In this position, you’ll be listening to customers and typing up notes at the same time to make sure they get the best care and the best solution possible. 

You get along with all kinds of personality types. You don’t write people off as “weird” just for being different—you embrace the uniqueness of each person, including customers. 

You’ve got great time management skills, and punctuality means a lot to you. You’re a night owl, and that’ll serve you well! If you’re the kind of person to show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after the sun goes down, you’re exactly who we need! 

You’re consistent, and we like that! You’re also adaptable and decisive. Our team is a small, close-knit family—you’ll love them! Because the team is smaller, you get to be the “captain of your own ship”—you can problem solve and think outside the box with more freedom than the average employee. Your assertiveness will be valuable when making quick decisions to ensure the customer is taken care of. We’re so glad someone like you wants to join the team! 

What to Expect

You’re still reading, and you haven’t even heard the title yet? We knew this post was about YOU! You’d make an amazing Customer Service Representative (CSR). 


You’re probably picturing people calling strangers—like the annoying telemarketer calls you get a million of every week. Or maybe you picture someone sitting and reading a script over the phone, over and over againGet that picture out of your head—that’s not how we roll. 

Forget what you think you know about call centers! Maybe you have call center experience. You think you know what to expect. If you’re looking for your average call center job… this ain’t it. 

First of all, you’ll be answering calls. Our customers will call you when they need your help! If something is wrong with their heating, air, or plumbing, they’ll reach out to you to schedule a technician or plumber to come to their home.  

Some call centers use scripts to ensure that every CSR says the same things. Not us! You’re a unique person, and we want others to experience your unique brand of awesome! Instead of telling you exactly what to say, we have a service system that our CSRs follow. This ensures all customers have the best experience possible from the time they place their call until the time they hang up, all the while allowing you to maintain your individuality. 

As a Customer Service Representative: 

  • You’ll provide customer satisfaction through effective and timely one-call resolution for a variety of customer inquiries, building customer loyalty. 

  • You’ll educate customers on the values and benefits of Champion Comfort Experts, particularly the MVP Protection plan. 

  • You’ll respond to customer inquiries via telephone, e-mail, and/or chat. 

  • You’ll use resource documentation for reference and the provided automated and training tools to deliver exceptional customer service. 

We hope you’d like to join us! Everyone loves it here so much

You’ve never thought about a customer service job, but now that you know it’s perfect for you, will you ever stop thinking about it? 

Apply now! 

The Super Fun HR Stuff

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • At least one (1) year experience in customer service 

  • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills 

  • Exceptional time management skills with the ability to organize and manage multiple tasks at once 

  • Demonstrated competency in Windows-based PC environment, keyboarding proficiency, internet savvy, and use of automated systems 

  • Alignment & commitment to company values (honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect) 

  • Ability to fluently speak, read, and write in the English language 

  • Ability to pass a background check and drug testing 


Preferred Qualifications: 

  • High school diploma or GED 

  • At least 1 year of experience in a call center environment 

  • Prior sales experience 

  • Additional years of experience in customer service 

Learn more about us

If you want to be part of something bigger than just a job – make this career move and find exactly what you’re looking for. You will work in a place where you will be appreciated by your team and customers, and where your work has a direct effect on the success of the company. If this sounds like you, spend a little time learning about Champion Comfort Experts by visiting When you're ready, please follow the directions to apply for this position.

Equal Opportunity Employer